Welcome to Kobayaashi Studios, home of such puzzles as Sujiko and Suko - both staples of puzzling life in the UK, featuring in titles such as the Times, Telegraph and the Sun, along with the Mail on Sunday, and other national titles.

These two puzzles have been played by millions daily since 2011, when they first appeared in the Times and the Telegraph. Since then, they've featured in a range of national titles in the UK and around the world, as well as appearing in magazines, books such as the "Pocket Posh Sudoku" series, and on educational websites, promoting learning through puzzling.

They have also been added to by Master Sujiko, Dottoko, LoKo and, most recently, TANKO.

Sujiko, Suko, Dottoko and TANKO have been available for free from the Apple App store for a while now, but they will soon be joined by new versions, featuring a host of new puzzles to confound your mind. Each separate app offers a simple, though often infuriating, selection of puzzles in a classic format. No bells and whistles, no nerve-wracking timers, just good, honest, puzzling fun.

New! Kobayaashi now has even more new games in the App Store, the latest being Kobayaashi's Bubblz, (also free) where the player 'merely' needs to ensure that their Bubble doesn't hit any of the other Bubblz!


Dead Drop and Hot Spots and the bright, new Sujiko Play, are proving popular, though challenging.

So, whether you like a game with an 80s retro feel, or want your challenge to be accompanied by soft, dreamy guitar, there's something here for you!







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